Eventfuel Register

Inviting people to attend an event should be easy. Register focuses on a minimalist yet scalable registration approach for small and medium events.

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Building a Registration Page

A five minute task — Type in the name and location for the event, capacity and dates. Pick a page layout and registration form. Preview, publish and start inviting.

Page Layouts

Register offers a selection of beautifully designed, minimalist layouts for your registration page. Pick one that matches your corporate branding or easily create your own layout.

Registration Forms

If you are inviting people, you are likely to have a few questions for them. Creating a registration form for your page is as simple as dragging controls and writing down your questions and possible answers.


When organising a customer facing event, you may want to know who invited who, specially if your event is organised with partners or is part of a larger program with a bigger team involved. Once a registration page is ready, you may then provide different links for each referrer.

Integrated. Actionable

All registration information integrates swiftly with the Eventfuel platform, including the staff check-in app, the attendee app and post event data. This means you can get reports with segments of attendees that were invited by particular partners, compare registration questions with attendee app engagement, survey results and trace back results to the origin.

Built for event programs

Register is built from the ground up to support event programs across regions. Users and events can be grouped, forms can be translated into multiple languages and reused for multiple event registration pages.